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Fixate on Code | Weekly interviews on how to write better code, for frontend developers

Dec 27, 2017

Peter is a Corporate Entrepreneur at MobileLife, the innovation hub of Danske Bank in Copenhagen. Peter helps maintain Assetgraph, an optimisation framework for web pages and applications, and is also a core contributor to MochaJS. On top of that, Peter was also involved in organising CopenhagenJS, a monthly meetup for...

Dec 20, 2017

Ruth loves creating art with code, and spreading the love for MIDI! She’s also a serial conference speaker, a skilled wielder of the Web Audio API, and leverages her skills as a developer for VJing. If you haven’t visited Ruth’s codepen and experienced her awesome audio visual pens, what are you waiting for?!

Dec 13, 2017

Kyle has a simple recipe for developer success: understand the problem before you try to fix it. With Kyle's widely read "You Don't Know JS" book series, learning JavaScript more deeply is something every developer can and should take on as a challenge. Not only is Kyle an author, but also a teacher, speaker, and...

Dec 6, 2017

Anjana is a philosophy major and English teacher turned computational linguistics aficionado. After completing graduate studies in speech technology, machine learning, and computer assisted language learning, Anjana joined the engineering team at UberResearch in Germany, where she is implementing a query language that...